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Classic Shooter

Zen Classic Cigarette Shooter

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Zen Quick Shooter

Automatic Cigarette Maker

Zen Automatic Cigarette Maker

Perfect fit with our cigarette tubes

Zen® Cigarette Shooters work seamlessly with Zen® Cigarette Tubes, the top selling cigarette tubes in America.

Effortless by design

Designed to work easily and avoid jams so you can efficiently and painlessly fill cigarette tubes with your favorite tobacco blend.

No mess rolling

Avoid the hassle of always cleaning up from rolling your own.

Proven durability since 1998

We only use extremely durable materials in all of our shooters, so they work better and last longer than cheap competitors.

Built with earth friendly materials

Zen® Shooters are made using high-strength polystyrene. We use polystyrene for it's strength and minimal impact on our environment.

Zen Automatic Cigarette Maker
Zen Classic Cigarette Shooter
Zen Quick Shooter

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