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Zen Tobacco Box Rolling Tray

Zen® Natural Wooden Pipe

Natural Wood

The Zen® Natural Wooden Pipe is made from uncoated natural wood. To get the wood accustomed to the heat of glowing tobacco in the bowl, first try it with a bit of honey or pipe sweetener.

Seasoned Favorite

As you gradually build up a carbon layer the Zen® Natural Wooden Pipe will adjust itself. Don't worry! Slightly burning the surface of the pipe is normal.

Zen Natural Wooden Pipe - Zen Pipe
Zen Pipe Box

Zen® Rolling Tray

Extra Tight Seal

The Zen® Rolling Tray has two parts: the lid and the tray itself.  The lid gets sealed onto the tray by the thick, high-quality rubber gasket that gives the tray an extra tight seal.

Zen Tobacco Box Rolling Tray

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