One of the most popular cigarette tubes in America

Premium quality cigarettes at a practical price

Cigarette Tube Flavors


Zen Cigarette Tubes
Robust & Bold


Zen Menthol Flavored Cigarette Tubes
Fresh & Smooth


Zen White Cigarette Tubes
Crisp & Light

All Zen® Cigarette Tube flavors are available in Regular size (84mm) and 100 size (100mm)

Perfect draw on every pull

Each cigarette tube comes pre-stuffed with a Zen® Premium Filter or Zen® Premium Slim Filter.

Each tube is rolled evenly and flawlessly

Smoke your favorite tobacco blend in a traditional style cigarette tube.

Asian-style papers burn smooth and taste crisp

Zen® Papers are some of the finest ever made, and are used on every Zen® Cigarette Tube.

250 Cigarette Tubes per box

A fraction of the price of store bought cigarettes, smokers can save over 50% of their annual smoking costs by switching to Zen® Cigarette Tubes.

Easy loading by design

Works perfectly with Zen® Shooters for nearly effortless rolled cigarettes.

Zen Cigarette Tubes Size Chart
Zen CIgarette Tubes
Zen Cigarette Tubes Open Box

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