Premium quality at a practical price

Since 1998, Zen® has been one of the most affordable premium-quality roll-your-own brands.

Zen is committed to The Art of Smoking and creating a refined smoking experience at a price every RYO smoker can enjoy.

One of the finest Asian-style paper ever made

The smooth flavor, perfect burn time and resilience of our papers have always been a source of pride for us.  We are consistently amazed by the clean and crisp flavor of all of our smoking products, and we hope you will be too!

Effortless by design

Our products are all meant to reduce daily stress for roll-your-own smokers.

Zen® Cigarette Tubes, Filters, Papers and Rolling Machines are designed to be help our customers save time and money in their daily lives.

High-quality and earth friendly materials

Everything we create is a premium product, and we use only responsibly sourced high-quality materials in our production processes. Whether it is the ingredients in our papers, the cotton in our filters, or the acrylic in our rollers – everything Zen® sells is built with earth friendly materials.

Zen Smoke Logo (White)
Zen The Art of Smoking (White)